Nordic Girls Shoot, Northern Wave International Film Festival


Nordic girls shoot is a workshop organized by Northern Wave in collaboration with Wift Iceland, Wift Nordic and Girls shoot Iceland with the support of Nordbuk and the Icelandic Film Fund. The workshop is for young female filmmakers(<30) from Iceland,Norway, Sweden, Greenland, The Faroe Island.
The Nordic Girls Shoot Workshop will take place from the 24th to the 25th of October 2019 and from the 25th to the 27th of October participants will attend the Northern Wave Film Festival

The program pays for flights and accommodation for all selected participants during the workshop and the festival. The workshop will take place in the beautiful fishing village of Grundarfjörður in the West coast of Iceland, a 20 minutes drive from Rif, where the festival takes place.

The main goal of the workshop is to mentor, educated and create a strong network of young Nordic female filmmakers. The workshop will include:

  • Pitch training
  • Lecture and training form a Nordic female d.o.p.
  • Workgroups discussing projects
  • Lectures on script writing, directing and producing
  • Private sessions with Nordic mentors

Our partners from the Nordic countries will also mentor and educate during the workshop. The mentors are Nina Skydsbjerg Jacobsen (Film in Greenland,Paninoir) producer from Greenland, Helene Granqvist (Wift Sweden) producer from Sweden, Ingebjörg Torgesen(Wift Norway) director and producer from Norway and Ingunn í Skrivarastovu (Skrivarastova etc) producer from the Fareo Islands.



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