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Umsóknareyðublað fyrir íslenskar myndir, vidjólist og tónlist er hér 


  • The Northern Wave International short film festival is a juried competition, open to any independent or student filmmaker worldwide. Works will be considered for competition only if they are of a total running time of 30 minutes or less, and were completed after January 1, 2016. The Festival committee reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project.
  • All selected short films are in competition and we accept all forms of short films, documentary, fiction and animation.  Video art and experimental films are not part of the official competition and have a special exhibition room.
  • The festival has three award categories, foreign films, Icelandic films and Icelandic music videos.


  • The Northern Wave International Film Festival only accepts online preview copies of the film. We no longer accept dvd’s. We do make an exceptions for submissions from countries with poor internet connections. For further information contact us on
  • A completed entry form must be submitted with each project. Multiple submissions by the same director and/or Production Company are accepted, but a separate completed form must accompany each film.
  • All submitted promotional materials become the property of the The Northern Wave International Short Film Festival and its presenting organization. These materials cannot be returned. By submitting this material and signing the release form, you acknowledge The Northern Wave IFF right to copy any material for the festival’s non-commercial use only.


  • The deadline for foreign films is on the 1st of June 2018  but Icelandic short films and music videos is on the 1st of August 2018. The Festival will be celebrated on the weekend of the 26th to the 28st of October 2018.


  • All awards are presented at the close of the second night program of public exhibitions, saturday night. The  awards are:

Best foreign film       Best Icelandic film     Best Icelandic music video

  • All short films screened as Official Selections are eligible for the awards.


The festival charges a small fee for all foreign films. The reason is the overwhelming amount of films the festival was receiving which put a lot of strain on the limited staff working for the festival.

The submission fee for international submissions is 6 dollars and is payed via paypal when the submission form has been completed.

Since the Icelandic film fund is one of the main supporters of the festival we decided to wave the fee for Icelandic filmmakers. We hope you can understand our reasons and thank you for supporting the festival.


  • By signing the entry form, the filmmaker gives the The Northern wave International Short Film Festival permission to use all submitted promotional materials, including but not limited to film stills, descriptions, director’s biography and film screening history in any and all forms of media for the express purpose of festival promotion and publicity. Please note: The Northern Wave International Short Film Festival may petition filmmakers to use clips from Official Selection Films for both television and Internet publicity. However, the festival, will limit footage to less than one minute, and will not authorize television broadcast of any footage without the direct consent of the filmmaker and/or producers.

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