Honorary guests



To celebrate our 10 year anniversary and to finally have reach a double digit number, we are proud to present our two powerhouse honorary guests, producer, writer and actress Monica Lee Bellais (U.S.A.) and Icelandic actress Edda Björgvinsdóttir.

Edda Björvinsdóttir is one of Icelands most beloved actresses and comedian. She got raving reviews from her performance in “Under the tree” that premiered at the last Venice International film festival, where she shows a new side of her in an extremely dramatic role.

On Saturday the 28th of October, Edda Björgvinsdóttir and Monica Lee Bellais will do a talk about their experience working in the industry. They will touch upon subject such as the current situation with sexual assault in the industry in the U.S., and how Hollywood can learn anything from Iceland and vice versa. Monica has worked with Hollywood’s biggest stars as an actress, screenwriter and most recently as an executive producer on the film “Wakefield,” which starred Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) in the leading role. Monica’s focused on building a bridge between the industries in both countries and to promote young talented filmmakers.